The Freight – See You Tonight (2021)

Described my Jammerzine’s Ryan Martin as “an uncommon mixture of rock, funk, post-punk and originality…”, it seems we aren’t the only ones astounded by The Freight’s unique sound. Already a firm favourite at The Other Side Reviews, we have followed the US-based fivesome from ‘Fish & A Bike’ (read our review here) to ‘Found’ (read our review here) and now ‘See You Tonight’. Featured on FV Music Blog, The Static Dive, Edgar Allan Poets and many more blogs, The Freight is building a following at an international scale. They continue with their melodic new single ‘See You Tonight’ – I know I said that twice in a couple of sentences, but it’s that impressive you need to keep sharing the awesomeness.

Following the single ‘Fly On’, ‘See You Tonight’ is the group’s fourth release this year and is set up to be “…their biggest yet continuing with a journey in rock music.” Nodding at old-school Southern rock with hints of pop and alternative rock, The Freight is bringing the sounds of the past into modern society. Combining pounding drums with dynamic guitars and rich vocals, ‘See You Tonight’ has a kaleidoscopic soundscape; however, it is the intimate theme and lyricism that truly makes the song.

With a “rough and ready” vocal melody, Adam Tiro’s bold tones melt your heart instantly. Touching on romantic relationships, Tiro and his lads showcase vulnerability, sensitivity and frustration of longing for a certain person. Yet, there is a sense of empowerment and joviality in the intense theme where Tiro sings “…I’ll see you tonight”. According to the group, the track revolves around overcoming barriers to be with the girl you want and reminding her of why the connection”…will be so great!”

Warm, charming and elegant in the execution, The Freight finds a balance between commercial rock and originality. The musicians may speak about hypothetically “seeing you tonight”, but the addictive chorus and guitar riffs make it certain that I’ll keep that appointment. I mean, I will hear them tonight not see them…that’s just creepy.

For more from The Freight check out their official website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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