Jimmy Beach – Changing (2022)

While there are moments in life that take us by surprise, there are others that are planned and we can look at what will happen after them. Jimmy Beach looks into the future with his single ‘Changing’ and considers how a single moment helped him change and transform into his own being. The song that started it all for him, it looks at what will happen after the release of his first single and how life will never be the same.

While this was the song that started it all for him, it builds on the waves made by his previous single releases. Not a newcomer to the music world, he realised that life was too short and set out on his own, to create the music he wants to. Sharing his thoughts and ideas through his music, he pushes the boundaries of traditional genres and emerges with a unique sound.

The various lines that open ‘Changing’ can be a little jarring as you wonder where the single is going, as the tones all fight each other. This slides into a rich melody that you sink into. Those lines that fought in the opening come together for a smooth movement as the single progresses. This is a wonderful display of Jimmy beach’s musicality and boundary-pushing sound. He brings a touch of synth-pop to jazz and dreamy tones for an engaging melody that settles over you, and keeps you in place. Halfway through the track, everything stops to build up again which is a great melodic device that enhances the changes highlighted in the lyrics.

His vocals drift into the single, riding the movement of the melody, while bringing the different lines together. His voice is a soft wisp against your skin that invites you to sink into the melody, while taking stock of the moments before things change. While the primary vocal line is soft and dreamy, there is a darker line that comes through before a higher electronic vocal line pushes at you. When the melody drops for a moment of silence, the vocals cut as well. They start to rise like a phoenix with the melody, as he feels a transformative energy that changes everything.

Jimmy Beach brings a sonic metamorphosis to our ears through the soft yet genre-pushing tones of ‘Changing’. The music is rich and has you sinking into the soundscape. His vocals add a dreaminess to the single before dropping for the moment of change which is charged with transformative energy.

Find out more about Jimmy Beach on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.  

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