Piper King – October Sun (2021)

Moving to a new place can fill you with excitement but you can also be drenched in the waters of nostalgia. This is something Piper King personally experienced and brings out in her single ‘October Sun’. Through the dreamy and psychedelic tones of the single, she considers what has been left behind and unlocks the feelings that are packed away and left unattended while moving.

The inspiration for the single was her own move to California from Colorado just before the pandemic hit. With the changes going on in the world, the emotions she had pushed aside were brought to the fore. While inspired by a personal experience, the messaging of the single is one that most people are able to connect with.

‘October Sun’ pulls you in with a blast of nostalgia wrapped up in some gentle summer tones that make you think of warm days on the beach. There is a haziness to the melody that makes you want to sway to the rhythm. The melody combines dream-pop sensibilities with a light touch of surf and folky vibes. The easiness of the music has you breathing easily as you rest back into it. There is something resting in the music that washes over you and has stress sliding off your shoulders. The combination of this with the nostalgic vibes is wonderful and hits you in this interesting and wonderful way.

King’s vocals bring a heavier folk vibe to the music while the airiness of her performance is all dream-pop. There is a lot of control in her performance that allows the emotions of the single to really shine. The lyrics bolster the nostalgia of the melody as you are thrown back into the past and what used to be. While this could result in a flow of melancholy, the lyrics and vibes of the music fill you with a sense of happiness for the future. The past is seen as a foundation for the future as it enhances what you are going through.

Piper King balances nostalgia with a summery hope for the future in the warm tones of her single ‘October Sun’. The melody is all summery tones wrapped in some surf and nostalgic waves. The vocals add an airiness to the music while leading you through the past and into the future.

Find out more about Piper King on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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