Broken Radio – Adrenaline (2020)

Are you looking for a new quintessential folk-country single? If you are then ‘Adrenaline’ by Broken Radio is well worth a listen because it just might be the track you have been searching for. Drawing on the styles of Neil Young and Tom Petty, the track combines everything you love about this genre with a splash of something new.

The melding of different musicals styles is not new for Klaus Patzak, the solo artist behind the sound. His distinctive sound is a melding of alternative-country and electronic pop with a pinch of trap thrown in at times. As part of his album Twerk & Twang, this single helps set the bar for creativity and execution.

‘Adrenaline’ sets the alt-folk tone from the first moment. The guitar opening has a hint of country resting in the notes that blends smoothly with the folk sensibilities. Throughout the song, the melody swings between folk and country in this wonderful way. The execution of this blending is amazing and allows you to get swept up into the story. The melody makes you think of open roads in the backcountry of America. This is enhanced when the harmonica solo comes in and weaves into the acoustic guitar.

Patzak’s vocals continue the melded vibe of the track. At times his vocal performance has a Neil Young sound to it before you are hit with something a little more folk. The easiness of his performance helps you get lost in the lyrics. There is a sense of longing and adventure laced into each word and note of the song.

Broken Radio hits you with alt-country vibes in the laidback single ‘Adrenaline’. The single melds country and folk for a laidback and enjoyable sonic experience. The vocals are a smooth layer that makes you think of expansive space or the wide-open road.

Find out more about Broken Radio on his website, Facebook and Spotify.

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