Banyah – Watch You Go (2020)

Siblings Paul and Aisling Jarvis have joined forces to take over the music world as the dynamic duo Banyah. After releasing their first single and appearing at the Cork Jazz Festival 2019, they returned to work on their new tracks including their second single ‘Stuck Under’. They are now back with their crunchy-pop third release ‘Watch You Go’.

The song looks at complicated relationships and heartbreak. Using past experiences, the pair draw you into the grey areas of love whether romantic or platonic. The single highlights their unique interplay of vocals and samples from old vinyl recordings of their mother singing and playing the harp.

‘Watch You Go’ draws you in with some bubbling electronic notes and airy vocals lines. The gentle pop melody picks up as you get closer to the chorus, but still remains a catchy foundation for the vocals. The electronic notes are wonderfully arranged to drive the song while not being overwhelming and giving you the chance to appreciate the vocal performance.

Aisling’s vocals are the first to grab you as she sings the verses. Paul takes over for the chorus which gives the song a little something extra. Both performances are emotive and you can hear the complications of relationships in each word. The recording samples are very lightly placed in the song and incorporated in such a way that you don’t even notice they are not the siblings.

Banyah uses a catchy pop melody and interchanging vocals to consider the grey shades of love in ‘Watch You Go’. The song is easy to listen to with bubbling electronic notes, recording samples and captivating vocals.

Find out more about Banyah on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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