Jed’s A Millionaire – Hope and Fire (2020)

Jed’s A Millionaire is a four-piece rock band churning out infectious tunes that will get you hooked. R. Shawn Harrington (vocals, guitar, keys), Aaron Ploechl (guitar, keys, vocals), Andy Ziker (drums, percussion) and Jamie King (bass) use their passion for music to create a dynamic and accessible sound. Their single ‘Hope and Fire’ continues this carefully crafted soundscape.

The single is part of their new album which was released in late May. It is a different type of love song and has an old-school feel to it. With no filler materials, the track keeps you entertained from the first second to the very last note.

‘Hope and Fire’ gets you into the vibe with some engaging drums that lead you to a driving guitar. While they drive the pace, the guitars are a gentle background melody that helps you get into the rhythm of the song. There is something catchy about the melody that sneaks up on you and grabs you before you realise you can’t stop listening.

While the melody grabs your attention, it is Harrington’s vocals that utterly captivate you. His performance is infectious with an open and honest tone. You can hear the emotions of the lyrics in each word. The control he has over his vocals is also a pleasure to hear as he infiltrates your senses in the nicest possible way.

Jed’s A Millionaire cut straight to your heart using open and honest vocals with a strong rhythm in ‘Hope and Fire’. The track highlights the band’s passion and their ability to perfectly craft an engaging story with compelling melodies.

Find out more about Jed’s A Millionaire on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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