Barnum’s Freak – Darkness Between the Light (2021)

Barnum’s Freak are showcasing their musicality and innovation with their single ‘Darkness Between the Light’. Bringing a creative interplay of melodic elements, the single offers a dynamic soundscape rich in textures and surprising shifts. If you are in the mood for a single that is utterly indulgent while uplifting, this is the one for you.

With a delightful blend of instrumental post-rock and progressive rock, Massimiliano Romano (guitars), Sergio Vassetti (keyboard) and Salvatore Oroso (drums) blast through your ears. The Italian band has been gaining a following on the underground scene and is ready to measure themselves against the mainstream market. With tight arrangements and vibes that sink into your body, they are sure to have you getting down to their sound.

‘Darkness Between the Light’ captures your attention from the first second with a rolling opening that throws you into the enthralling guitars. There is a cinematic vibe to the melody that has your mind flying with the sound. The music is an amazing mixture of rock guitars and 80s sensibilities. There is a story resting in the melody that pulls you into it like something out of an Andrew Lloyd Webber musical. The passion in the music shines through and you can only hold on for the ride.

The synths that warble over the guitars are like a voice calling out from the ether. The vocals come into the track in the second half to pick up the story the melody has introduced you to. There is a wonderful tone to the vocals that creep through the music like smoky wisps that beckon you further into the single. The soft wisping of the vocals gives way to a more upbeat flow that is utterly amazing. The transitions in the performance are flawless and tight leaving you smiling.

Barnum’s Freak has you indulging in a theatrical melodic movement only to smile with the vocals in ‘Darkness Between the Light’. The melody effortlessly leads you into the story of the track while the vocals wrap around you like a blanket. Together, they form a single that is rather uplifting while allowing you to indulge in a love for melodic interplays.

Find out more about Barnum’s Freak on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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