Assa Music – Circles (2021)

Through his single ‘Circles’, Assa Music is taking on love with some mellow electronic production. With lyrics that offer a wonderful ambiguity, he allows you to draw your own conclusions regarding the messaging of the song. While touching on love, he pulls you towards loss or holding onto a loved one depending on your interpretation.

This ambiguous look at love comes from Norwegian producer Anders Martin Hansen. When the pandemic hit, he took the time suddenly available to seriously make some music. Since then, he has released seven other singles and is capturing listeners with his blend of electronic pop and house.

‘Circles’ eases you in with a gentle piano line that slides under the guitar. There is a wonderful organic feel to the opening that is picked up on the wings of the electronic lines. This perfectly transitions into a more dance melody that is a perfect blend of dance, pop and sheer happiness. The melody has a lightness to it that makes you smile and think of light breaking through dark clouds. While the chorus has a slight tropical edge, the overall melody is an excellent and unique ray of sun that warms your skin.

Assa’s vocals continue the organic line from the opening through the electronic tones of the melody. His voice is delicate even as it moves into a vocal dance vibe for the chorus. The ambiguity of the lyrics has been wonderfully handled. While this could easily lead to a disconnect with the single, his performance pulls you closer as you feel what you want about the message of the track. The lyrics could easily be taken as the awakening of love or the slide of pain as you start to lose the love you once had. It is so beautifully handled that you can’t help but want to listen to the song again and again to feel all the opposing emotions it can invoke.

With delightfully ambiguous lyrics and shining melodics, Assa Music captures the nuances and ever-changing feeling of love that we all face in ‘Circles’. While the melody has a very bright and airy feeling to it, the lyrics can be taken in a number of ways. His vocals offer an organic line to hold onto as you ride the electronic movements of the melody.

Find out more about Assa Music on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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