Paaris – Polaris (2021)

Paaris is filling your senses with energy and power through the melodic tones of ‘Polaris’. Bringing melodic metal to progressive rock, the single has you falling in love all over again with rock guitars. Featuring collaborators Anup Sastry, Joey Izzo and Rodner Padilla, the single is sure to blow you away with its intense flow.

The single comes from Enrique Marquez Paris, the guitarist, composer and producer behind the moniker. Having played in bands including Dankrupt and 1ra Edicion, his solo project is a reflection of all the guitar heroes who inspired him to play. With years of experience in the music industry, he captivates listeners with his arrangements and makes you long for more of his guitar movements.

‘Polaris’ pulses through your brain with a heavy guitar from the first moment. There is an intense energy to the guitar as it pounds into your chest. The guitar that rides the higher levels is all melodic rock and is really wonderful to listen to. You can’t help but want to move to the music whether that is bouncing around or just moving your head to the rhythm. The energy of the music doesn’t let up for a moment while the flow of the single does change around halfway through.

This change in flow is interesting as it is like a story being told through the movement of the guitars. The second half of the single has a lighter feeling to it while retaining all the intense energy of the first. This song is a true masterclass of guitars and their power. They have you flying on through the atmosphere, smiling to them and generally having an amazing time. The end of the single is all lightness as you are hit with gentle tones that act as a break of the guitar cloud that covered you.

Paaris showcases the power of guitars through the intense energy and electric flows of ‘Polaris’. The instrumental single is a wonder to listen to as you ride the waves of guitars and smile at their story. The melodic movement is rather irresistible and will have you flying to the rhythms without any effort.

Find out more about Paaris on his website, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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