Bay Bryan – Let Go (2021)

Already placing themselves on our radar with their single ‘Sticky Shadows’ (read our review here), Bay Bryan continues to captivate listeners with his unique sound. Breeding a new brand of indie-folk, the UK-based singer-songwriter nods to acts like Paul Simon and James Bay. Still a rather new individual on the scene, the American artist does not have a huge following but is getting there quickly. Featured on Indie Music Center, Sinusoidal Music, Rising Artists Blog and various playlists, Bryan is turning heads amidst notable critics. The latest single from the talented multi-instrumentalist is ‘Let Go’.

Following their debut track ‘Sticky Shadows’, ‘Let Go’ adopts an upbeat, toe-tapping sound. Embracing a slight bossa nova style mixed with folk and jazz, the single is quite innovative and eclectic in its obscurity. While the rich vocals are noteworthy with a strong piano and guitars, it is the percussion that caught my attention. Incorporating a flute (courtesy of Sarah Bennett) atop a head-bopping arrangement is delightfully soothing. I think this might be the sound Bryan was going for as they share that the song makes them “…think about being on a road trip to the beach with good friends.”

Definitely a heartwarming summer tune, ‘Let Go’ evokes smiles and happy feelings with its chilled-out vibe. Moreover, the lyricism enhances the flowing melody as it speaks of optimistic freedom and really “letting go” of the dreary greyness in your life. Bryan shares that “…the lyrics come from an inner voice – that one that knows you best. It’s the voice that validates your feelings and encourages you to let go of your comforts and accept your role in the next chapter ahead” – rather empowering, I think.

In addition to their single ‘Let Go’, Bay Bryan released an official music video. Please note that while the video is mostly easy to watch there are scenes with rapid image transitions that can cause seizures in people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

For more from Bay Bryan check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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