Avondcock – Sensa (2021)

Fuelled by a burning passion to share blunt honesty and brutally powerful music, Avondcock is a force of nature straight out of Utrecht. Based in The Netherlands, the punk-rock fivesome share and use their diverse experiences in a unique way. While there seems to be a common ground in their perspectives of society, this is not quite so. In fact, it is their diversity regarding society that makes their songs so intimate and profound. The latest addition to their repertoire is the EP Sensa.

Focusing on critical issues in our modern-day world, Avondcock adopts the punk stance of shamelessly questioning what, where, why and how when it comes to humanity. In their own words, “some things just need to be said” – it is this belief that enhances the brashness of a sometimes uncomfortable sonic experience. I’m not saying it’s uncomfortable regarding the melodies, but the conceptual themes can sting a little if you’re not prepared for brutal honesty.

Considered their “…first call to arms”, Sensa is Avondcock’s debut EP. Recorded and produced in just over a month, the five-track EP uses a distorted “in your face” approach tackling global issues. With a strong similarity to the Sex Pistols and The Ramones but with some contemporary metal-esque qualities, the tracks are high-powered and forceful. Actually, forceful and high-powered are understatements when it comes to Avondcock’s music.

As a punk band, you can probably imagine the rawness of the headbanging tunes; however, there is a rawness in both the lyricism and melodies. From the protest song ‘Corruption In Camouflage’ calling out the corruption in government to ‘Hippie Killer’ where they explore the empty conversations from people who promote change but don’t act on it, Sensa is a punch to the face. Not only is the punch in the form of pounding drums and screeching guitars but also the shocking realisation of life’s traumas and obscenities.

Short and sweet, each track represents a sociopolitical issue that needs to be addressed. My favourite track has to be ‘Can’t Stand You’ – an anthem for people who have been mistreated and betrayed. Angry, gritty, intimate and insanely profound, Sensa is a hardcore bash on the head making you sit up and take notice of what is going on around you.

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