Bay Bryan – Sticky Shadows (2021)

Born in the foothills of Colorado’s Rocky Mountains but now residing in Manchester, England, Bay Bryan is a singer-songwriter not to be pigeon-holed. With only one single released, Bryan can be considered a newbie on the music scene, however, they are hardly shying away from the spotlight. Capturing the attention of audiences across the globe, they have featured on Rising Artists Blog, Indie Music Center, Indie Top 39 and Amazing Radio. We have the privilege of introducing you to Bay Bryan with their debut single ‘Sticky Shadows’.

Described as being reminiscent to Fraser Langton, Sarah Bennett, Nick Drake and Donovan, Bay Bryan’s music is quite eclectic. The first single from their upcoming album The Meadow, ‘Sticky Shadows’ takes a cinematic look at being stuck in particular situations. According to Bryan, the track “…represents the feeling of being stuck in something that is of your own creation – wanting to let go but not being able or willing to do so.” It is this elegant exploration of such a delicate concept that makes Bay Bryan intriguing.

Using a personal narrative, Bryan is able to connect deeply with his audience. He shares that “…it touches on a personal truth that I know all to well, that we stay stuck intentionally because either we are too afraid to move on or because we have become addicted to our own brooding nature.” Yet, while the vocals have a sophisticated quality and poetic execution, I find the melody most impactful.

Beautiful in its simplicity, Bryan’s rich vocals meld with a vulnerable acoustic-inspired tune. Steady drums belie an emotional piano enhancing the sincerity of the track. It is as if the delicate piano fuses with dynamic drumbeats creating a cinematic soundscape. A soundscape I love but also hate because it is so infectious.

In addition to the single, Bay Bryan released an official music video for ‘Sticky Shadows’. Similar to Kate Bush’s iconic video for ‘Wuthering Heights’, Bryan dances in an open field to add a visual element to the single’s theme. Showcasing a vulnerability but empowerment in their movements, the video is highly impactful in a simplistic and delicate way. It’s basic but its beauty is in the barebones style.

For more from Bay Bryan check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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