Beau Boulden – Unfold (2021)

With style and grace, UK-based singer-songwriter Beau Boulden is taking on life with his unique music. All about empowerment, creativity and some escapism, Boulden has been described as “the perfect creation of what is an incredible piece of music” – according to Essentially Pop. While he has only a few songs to his name, based on Spotify, this solo artist is making waves as one of the best pop acts at the moment. Receiving coverage from BBC Introducing South, A&R Factory, It’s All Indie and various radio stations/podcasts, Boulden is reaching an international audience. The latest addition to his discography is the single ‘Unfold’.

Following the acoustic-inspired single, ‘You Will Always Be’, Boulden makes an innovative move to synth-pop with ‘Unfold’. While there is an element of 80s pop, the track also incorporates some steady new wave beats with a contemporary lo-fi style. This may be a bit of a mash of several genres, but it merely shows how Boulden is genre-defying placing you in a hazy ambience of, well, awesomeness.

Finding the balance between old-school pop and modern synth-pop, ‘Unfold’ merges Charlie Puth with twinges of Spandau Ballet. Soothing and languid, there is a smoothness to the melody; however, Boulden’s flowing vocals hold a discomforting quality in the vulnerable lyricism. It is this juxtaposition of poignant, witty lyricism and whimsical melody that I find most intriguing.

“‘Unfold is a song about the process of trying to accept a feeling you cannot seem to change. Sometimes it seems like the right way to be feeling but you know, deep down, it will never end up being good for you. You know that it’s wrong but you have almost lost yourself within your own powerlessness; you have started to unfold.” – Beau Boulden on ‘Unfold’

Known for embracing creativity and its all-encompassing effects on one’s core, ‘Unfold’ is another highly creative exposition of the human soul. Penned during lockdown, the track incorporates frustration, anxiety, inner conflict and confusion – everything people are feeling at this moment. This recognition of a human’s inner self is what makes Boulden’s music so moving and evocative. Yes, ‘Unfold’ is a track dealing with difficult situations, but there is also a sense of lingering acceptance and introspective reflection in the song.

A sonic representation of human fragility, Boulden effortlessly executes the insightful lyricism in a delicate and elegant way. His warm tones enhance the poignancy of ‘Unfold’ while adding rich robustness to the kaleidoscopic soundscape. Beguiling and endearing, it is easy to lose yourself in his music and unfold to this anthemic song.

For more from Beau Boulden check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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