Hollin Kings – Hold On (2020)

Hailing from Cleveland, Ohio, Max Ostrowski (vocals, rhythm guitar), Nathan Lapuh (drums, percussion), Brandon Kendig (lead, rhythm guitar) and David Royer (bass guitar) are the musicians behind Hollin Kings and bonded over their shared love of music. Over the past two years, they have brought their unique individual styles together to form the alternative rock sound of the band. Their latest single ‘Hold On’ continues to solidify their presence on the rock scene.

The high-energy single looks at battling anxiety. There is a thread of hope laced into the choruses of the track that make you feel things can get better. Through their mashing of individual influences, the band is able to tackle this topic in a comfortable and huge sound.

‘Hold On’ opens with a rocking guitar riff that really gets you into the vibe of the song. The established beat gets you moving or at the very least tapping your foot to the beat. The guitar-driven melody is full of these rocking riffs that create a well-structured single. There are some soaring guitar lines that appear throughout the song that are wonderful interjections.

While the melody gets you into the vibe, it is Ostrowski’s vocals that captivate you. His performance has a smooth entry that leads to a desperate pleading cry. There is a raw honesty to his vocals that help you connect with the battle outlined in the lyrics. That pleading cry is wonderfully executed with just the right hint of desperation and desolation.

Hollin Kings continue their captivating journey with the desperate battle of ‘Hold On’. The track uses a guitar-driven melody to hook you and take you into battle. The chorus offers you hope while the desperate cry to not let go and hold on cuts through you.

Find out more about Hollin Kings on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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