Fear the Tides – Home (2021)

Life is full of trials and struggles that we need to find our way through. If you need a helping hand, Fear the Tides is here for you with their raw and emotional single ‘Home’. Inspired by the death of a close family member, the song deals with trauma and the feelings that arise after such an event. While the inspiration might not be something that everyone has gone through, the underlying confrontation of life struggles is highly relatable.

Sean McCann (guitars, synths) and Roscoe Nefdt (vocals, guitars) use a melodic hardcore sound to tackle the struggles that many people face each day. The duo met through an online hardcore and metal community on Facebook while McCann was looking for a vocalist. With this release and the ones to follow, they look to bring powerful original content to listeners.

‘Home’ hits the ground running with a thumping beat and guitars that call out to your soul. The depths of the melody vibrate through your chest for the verses before shaking you up on the chorus. There is a wonderful metal feel to the melody that makes you want to thrash around and get lost in the power of the music. The tight arrangement pulls at your skin as it turns from a powerful metal call to a more melodic hardcore flow. The guitars are so emotive and seem to capture every feeling the lyrics evoke.

Nefdt’s cries against the guitars are bolstered by the movement of the melody to drive the messaging of the lyrics home. His shouts are wonderfully complemented with the melodic flows later in the single. His performance encapsulates all the pain, fear and anger many feel as they struggle through the aftermath of a traumatic event. This combines with the melody to perfectly capture the emotional rollercoaster many face while letting you know that you are not alone in the way you feel.

Fear the Tides use their single ‘Home’ to encapsulate all the emotions that arise after traumatic events while letting you know that you are not alone. The melody and vocals are engaging as they capture the flows of the human psyche and wash you with the pain and frustration you feel when facing trials and tribulations. While touching on the struggles people face, the band also reaches out a helping and understanding hand.

Find out more about Fear the Tides on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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