Bekim! – Close Your Eyes (2022)

Using a timeless RnB sound, Bekim! infuses the positive vibes that come from being in love and cherishing the feeling in ‘Close Your Eyes’. Packed with classic RnB tones that would not be out of place in the 90s and 00s, he fills your chest with the warm embers of affection. While using these classic tones, there is a smooth slide of contemporary tones that completes the timeless tone and makes this a single that definitely has staying power.

Bringing the skills he has honed over years, Bekim! records and produces his own music. This is something he has done since 1989 when he set up a small recording studio and taught himself harmonies and to play the keyboard. Since then, he has worked on numerous projects in various roles including 2-BPM, KMS, Real 7 and El Toro.

‘Close Your Eyes’ combines a beautiful piano line and shaking shuffles of beats in the opening. The deep beat that enters with the vocals mimics a heartbeat which enhances the emotions of the track as they settle in your chest. There is a wonderful smooth RnB flow to the melody that makes you think of older RnB ballads. The steady movement of the melody captures you in a bubble of softness and happy vibes. There is no way to stop the light feelings that enter your veins as you listen to the melody or the little smile that is sure to make its way onto your face.

While the melody places you in the soft emotions of the track and has you floating down the soundscape, it is the vocals and lyrics that are the real stars of the show. From the first word, you feel the urge to follow his direction and close your eyes to let the happy vibes sink into your soul. Each word unleashes the depth of emotion he feels for someone and you are drawn into the soft blanket of his love. The acknowledgement of everything he loves about someone is wrapped up in vocals that are soulful in their smoothness. They also carry the timeless flow of RnB as he asks if the person will stay with him forever. While the vocals slide with smoothness, there is a catchy edge to them that leaves the lyrics to linger in your brain long after the single has ended.

Bekim! uses a timeless RnB sound to bring the warm glow of love and affection to ‘Close You Eyes’ while capturing you in a bubble of softness. The melody is beautiful as it combines delicate piano lines with the mimicking of a heartbeat. The vocals are rich and smooth as they expound on everything they love about someone.

Find out more about Bekim! on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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