Belle Scar – Mementos (2020)

As time passes, we all change and transform based on what we experience. While we evolve, we still struggle with past trauma and the effects of connecting and disconnecting. This is the basis of Belle Scars single ‘Mementos’ which looks at these themes as well as happiness and sadness. While she taps into personal themes on this track, there is so much that everyone can relate to.

The single is the first off her upcoming album which is packed with these relatable themes. She uses her passionate style to take you on a personal journey of finding meaning and figuring out how to cope in the crazy world we live in. The accompanying video for the single was recorded at St Pancras Old Church in London during a show before the pandemic hit.

‘Mementos’ has a deep opening with some intense orchestration that really grabs your attention. The strings and keys combine to form this captivating sound stream that you are drawn into. The depths of the melody remains for the entire single to form the roiling undertones. The depth of the melody also adds gravitas to the single that you have to take note of and which works unbelievably well with Belle Scar’s vocals.

Her vocals enter as this enticing line of raw energy. Her vocal style is unique and seeps into your bones. Through the passion and rawness of her performance, you are drawn into the lyrics that take you on a journey. The harmonisations have this ethereal vibe to them that send shivers down you as they meld into the violin line.

The live music video makes you wish you could have been at St Pancras Old Church. The sonic rhythms blend with the visuals to entrance you from the first moments. As you watch Belle Scar perform the song, you can see the passion she has for what she does. You are also infused with the emotional energy of the single which she is able to exude with an effortlessness.

Belle Scar uses her bold and unique style to take you on a deep and raw journey through ‘Mementos’. The single has a depth to the melody that draws you in while the vocals tantalise your senses. The live music video makes you wish to see her play and infuses you with her passion which is clear to see.

Find out more about Belle Scar on her website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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