The Amber Bugs – Make Money, Spend Money, Die (2020)

The Amber Bugs hooked us with their funky sound as they playfully aired their frustration in ‘Pricks 2020’. Continuing their bouncing sound, they are taking on the worker/consumer trap in ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’. Using dual male/female vocals, an accordion, trumpets and fun, they have you questioning the system while having a good time.

The single continues their blending of wit, wisdom and energetic music. It is also the opening track of their EP The Year of the Rat which was recorded just before the pandemic hit. If you were hooked by their last single or have never heard their sound before, this single will draw you further into their sonic trap.

‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’ has this fun and catchy opening that draws you into the band’s sound. The guitar lines get you moving to the rhythm while the trumpet comes from behind and adds a fun vibe. There is something infectious about the melody that makes you listen and you can’t help but be drawn into it. The pace picks up for the chorus and gets your heart pumping while making you want to go a bit crazy to the beat. The movement from the fun and smooth verses to the fast chorus is a sonic representation of the flow of capitalism.

Over the infectious melody are the equally fun vocals. The dual performance is so different from what you usually hear and makes the song something special. While the vocal performance draws you in, the lyrics are hard-hitting while being lively. It is worth taking the time to really listen to what they are about. The band continues to use their music to consider the way the world works and have you question the status quo.

The Amber Bugs take on the worker/consumer trap of society in ‘Make Money, Spend Money, Die’. The infectious beats of the song get you and do not let go while the lyrics really make you think about the world.

Find out more about The Amber Bugs on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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