Chantel Van T – Petrichor (2020)

In July, Chantel Van T released her debut single ‘Rumble and Crawl’. Since then, she has hit us with two more singles ‘Come to Me’ and ‘Petrichor’. Each of these singles has their own message, but they each draw you further into her sound and make you long for more. Each track uses her rolling folk sound to fill you with emotions.

While you might know her as being the lead vocalist of the space rock band Diamond Thug, Van T’s own music is quite different. Using poetry and emotional depth, she is carving out her space as a solo artist. These three tracks are a pleasure to listen.

Her debut ‘Rumble and Crawl’ considers falling in love with the idea of a person instead of the whole of who they actually are. The gentle guitar-driven opening softly draws you into the track as the backing tones zip past you. Van T’s vocals have a feeling of familiarity to them as they sweep over you. She effortlessly draws you into the lyrics that offer a glimpse into the illusion of love and what it really means.

‘Come to Me’ is her follow-up and continues the theme of being seen in your entirety. However, this track takes a different approach with a much harder emotional punch. The gentle guitars have a lighter vibe to them and there are these shuffling drums that rub against your senses. The strings on the track add a haunting beauty while increasing the emotional impact of the lyrics. Van T’s vocals are emotive and draw you into the intimacy of the single.

Her latest single is ‘Petrichor’ which is a much darker single compared to the others. The darkness hits with the deep drum and the almost ominous tones floating above it. There are stop-start moments within the melody that add to the overall vibe of the track. While the vocals are as emotive as ever, there is something to them that is searching.

‘Rumble and Crawl’, ‘Come to Me’ and ‘Petrichor’ captivate you with the deep tone of Chantel Van T. While each track is infused with her deep folk vibes, there is something darker lurking in the latest ‘Petrichor’. The singles have you craving more of her sound and eager for her debut album.

Find out more about Chantel Van T on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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