Benedict Sinister – Spitting Rhymes from Debbie Harry (2021)

Benedict Sinister continues to honour his idols with his latest single ‘Spitting Rhymes from Debbie Harry’. Wrapping his adoration in the rhyming frenzy that he is fast becoming known for he keeps you engaged from start to finish. While he is not looking to take the attention of the track himself, he infuses it with his work-hard-play-hard mentality for an engaging and blistering single.

Before turning to a solo career, Sinister spent years working as an itinerant musician being a DJ across the world and playing covers. In 2018, he started making a splash in the music world through the unique music he was making. His first single arranged lines from 16 Bryan Ferry singles into rhyming verses showcasing his love for the music and his unique abilities. This all shines through on his latest single.

‘Spitting Rhymes from Debbie Harry’ crashes against your ears for a blast of fun punk. The crashing of the guitars makes you want to move around to them. As a tribute to Debbie Harry, the melody lives up to expectation as it is laced with some elements of Blondie. While there is a touch of Blondie, there is also something that is uniquely Benedict Sinister. This can be felt in the alternative rock tones of the music. It is a melody that has you wanting to bounce around in a new wave frenzy.

While the melody has you bouncing around, Sinister’s vocals are a deep rock-laced shard that cuts through everything. The rough edge of his vocals is an amazing counter to the crashing guitars and infectious energy of the music. This contrast has the lyrics standing out in stark relief from the melody as you are covered in the enjoyment he has for what Debbie Harry does. Through the single, he channels her energy while adding his own touch for a truly amazing listening experience.

Benedict Sinister brings elements of punk and new wave to a showcase of his idols in the infectious ‘Spitting Rhymes from Debbie Harry’. Through the music, he offers a touch of Debbie Harry only to cover you in his enjoyment of what she does in the lyrics. His vocals are a rough line against the crashing music providing a contrast between modern and retro tones.

Find out more about Benedict Sinister on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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