Track of the Day: Shotski – The Double

Borne of a mutual love of music, shared interests and a willingness to experience new, well, experiences, Shotski is the result of a drunken night at an East Portland dive bar. With a few albums to their name, the US-based lads are not one to do things “half measure”. It’s the full thing or go home. Yet, we thought Shotski was too good to pass up and introduce one of their singles as our Track of the Day.

Melding alternative rock, blues and undertones of indie-rock into a spiral of suffocating melodies, ‘The Double’ will leave you gasping for breath while dragging you lower into a dystopian state. Based on the Orwellian concept of ‘doublethink’ where you can be trained to accept to contradictory beliefs simultaneously, ‘The Double’ evokes cognitive dissonance in the listener leaving you confused, anxious and in utter awe.

What I find intriguing and slightly amusing about ‘The Double’ is the introduction. not instrumentation as such, but rather the sound of suction in a tunnel pulling you into their desperate world. Once you’re in the dark tunnel, the powerful guitars and drums weave a blanket blocking out the light; moreover, the descent into madness is enhanced by the hushed, murmuring vocals.

Rich and robust, ‘The Double’ is provocative, emotional and slightly ‘doublethink’ in its own way. You will feel the need to reject the cavernous despair, but at the same time adhere to the need to cling to a warm, bold blanket of darkness.

For more from Shotski check out their official website, Instagram and Spotify.

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