Bethany Ferrie – Under (2020)

Hailing from Glasgow, Bethany Ferrie is a young singer-songwriter bringing her folk-pop music to life. She started her music career in 2019 with her successful single ‘Stayed’. She is now following this up with ‘Under’.

The song looks at the heartbreak you feel when people who are meant to be there for you let you down. She looks at how this can make or break you completely. The track delves into the headspace you can fall into, but need to claw your way back out of.

‘Under’ gets you into the mood of the track with the acoustic guitar opening. There is a wonderful beat under the guitar that stays throughout the song. The melody of the track has a country vibe to it while retaining a bit of folk with rock thrown in.

Ferrie’s vocals enter the track smoothly and gently. They build in power throughout the song to end the track on a crescendo. The vocal performance is perfect in creating the scene and help you connect with the feeling of clawing out of negative headspace. The lyrics are the final element that combines with the vocal performance and melody to create an outrageously catchy tune.

Bethany Ferrie takes on heartbreak and betrayal in ‘Under’ through powerful vocals and a country vibe melody. The song is very catchy and you might find yourself singing the chorus at random times.

Find out more about Bethany Ferrie on her website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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