The Finch Cycle – Forty Minus Zero (2020)

The Finch Cycle is Brad Murray’s (Sunny Disposition) ambient, post-rock project. This project is where he writes music and invites guest musicians to get together and create something unique. The project’s debut single ‘Forty Minus Zero’ is a stunning introduction.

There are seven musicians featured on this song. They are Brad Murry (guitar), Andrew McLaughin (guitar), Brendan Bartlett (trombone), Daniel Zugna (guitar), Kirsty Letts (guitar), Joe Magee (bass) and Michael Evans-Barker (drums). The track was recorded in a single day in a converted barn and mastered by Murray.

‘Forty Minus Zero’ gently leads you into the track with a simple opening. This turns into a more rock beat before retreating back to a steady and soft rhythm. While the driving force of the track is the guitar and drums, the other instruments are used to add a different dimension to the song.

The trombone comes in and out of the song in a way that could be disjointed if the arrangement of the song was not so outstanding. Each instrument has a chance to shine in the song without giving up any of the harmonies. There are no solos in the track, but you can distinctly hear each instrument and how well the artist plays them.

The Finch Cycle uses amazing arrangements in the instrumental ‘Forty Minus Zero’ to highlight each instrument in an engaging track. While each instrument is clearly distinguishable, the track has a cohesiveness that is wonderful to hear.

Find out more about The Finch Cycle on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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