Billy Bligh – Inertia (2021)

Change is something that often cannot be stopped, but this does not mean that everyone faces it with excitement. With his debut single ‘Inertia’, Billy Bligh considers the apprehension and anxiety that many people feel when faced with changing environments. Using a chilled electronic soundscape, he brings the turbulence of human emotions to your ears with personal yet relatable lyrics.

Over the last decade, Bligh has been sporadically writing and performing across different genres. Now, he is ready to unleash his contemporary musical palette on the world starting with this single. The first in a series of releases, it starts a new stage in his musical career and will have you eagerly anticipating his next.

‘Inertia’ draws you in with a layered Acappella opening. The vocals have an echo to them that creates an electronic depth that wonderfully transitions into the electronic soundscape. When Bligh’s vocals enter again for the first verse, he brings a moody vibe. There is a brooding feeling to his performance that pulls you back which perfectly matches the lyrics. Through his performance, you are filled with a cautious feeling that stops you from moving forward with the music. This all comes to a head with the harmonisations close to the end of the track.

Beneath the vocals is an equally moody melody with this thrumming bass that pulls you to the ground. There is a rigid sense to the bass that acts as a foundation for the song and the solid ground that you want to keep your feet on. The electronic notes that make up the rest of the melody pop against your ears before the melody takes a powerful swing. The shuffling beats and soaring guitars that come in send you tumbling into the crescendo in the last moments of the single.

Billy Bligh uses a moody electronic soundscape and swelling vocals to explore feelings of apprehension in the face of change in ‘Inertia’. As a debut single, it showcases his ability to create textured soundscapes that gradually build and draw you into their movement. The combination of his moody vocals with the textured soundscape perfectly captures the emotions of the lyrics.

Find out more about Billy Bligh on his Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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