Track of the Day: Indigos – Shine The Light

Cover bands live off live shows. And it can be a good life, particularly if you got your chops, play regularly and most importantly, have the feel for the music you’re playing. But what happens when something comes along and you can’t play live anymore? Not in front of a live audience, anyway? Well, then, you either give up and take a day job or you start making your own music. That is exactly what happened to Cheltenham (UK) based trio Indigos. The pandemic rode in, there were no live gigs and it seems there won’t be any for a while yet.

Indigos, or Darren Belcher (guitar and lead vocals), Tony Capaldi (bass and backing vocals) and Casey Griffin (drums) who have been playing together since 2018 mostly as a covers band, decided to make their own music and try their hand at recording an album. Being a covers band can be the element that makes you or breaks you. If you stick too much to the sound of the bands you covered, nobody will care, but if you use the fact that you were good at doing covers, pick up the good elements and blend them well together, you might be on your way.

Based on ‘Shine The Light’, the first single from Indigos debut album, we actually might be hearing from them again! Sure, you can notice that Indigos covers repertoire included quite a bit from bands like Oasis, Kasabian, and The Courteeners. But, they obviously knew their material really well, had the ear to pick up the right bits and pieces and turn it into a quite rousing single. Promising!

For more from Indigos check out their Facebook, Twitter, Spotify and Instagram.

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