Bingo Fighter – Kama Sutra (2021)

Bingo Fighter is bringing an extremely unique punk song to our ears with ‘Kama Sutra’. Replacing electrifying guitars with the main riff played on a recorder, the band offers a quirky vibe to an extremely fun song. While there are sure to be some raised eyebrows, the track is unbelievably engaging as it gets you tapping your feet and smiling at the lyrics.

Hailing from New Zealand, this 4-piece harmonic punk band fills your senses with a lot of fun and their own quirky style. Through the single, the band combines playful and haunting as they dive much deeper than the playful sound of the melody leads you to believe. With lyrics that touch on apathy, loneliness and sexuality, they bring a modern flair to unique punk rock.

‘Kama Sutra’ hits the ground running with a sound that would not be amiss in any punk album. However, you can hear that something is a little different as the recorder makes itself known in the high levels of the track. The use of a recorder does bring a quirky sense to the track but also softens the track in a strange way. The contrast between the rocking lower levels that are all punk and the almost delicate tones of the recorder is wonderful. As the single progresses, the melody has your head bobbing to it while your feet tap and your muscles coil with the urge to jump around.

It is only the melody that is full-on as the vocals do not let up for a moment once they hit. The running flow of the vocals shakes you from the inside out and enhances that energy in the melody that makes you want to jump around. While it is so easy to simply give in to the movement of the track and let loose, it is worth taking a good listen to the lyrics. As they run through your brain, they touch on apathy and sexuality before sliding into a loneliness that many can connect with.

Bingo Fighter fill you with quirky energy while touching on some deep modern problems in the fun and full-on ‘Kama Sutra’. The melody brings a contrast of punk and delicate nostalgia through the use of a recorder on the main riff. The vocals run into your senses while touching on loneliness, apathy and sexuality in a way that is worth a good listen.

Find out more about Bingo Fighter on their website, Facebook and Spotify.

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