Mountain Mansion – Fog Walker of Copton Ridge (2021)

Mountain Mansion continues to bring stories of his time working in remote fire towers and lookouts to our ears with ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’. The single draws on the story of a coworker who unexpectedly encountered a hiker during a storm on Copton Ridge and his own experience of a hiker knocking on his door in the night. Through the story of the fog walker, the single addresses the fear we have when we are alone in the woods and worry about being confronted by something out of a horror movie.

Recorded on a summit at Livingstone Ridge Fire Lookout, the single captures the feeling and atmosphere of being alone in the woods. Shane Turner, the man behind the music, uses this musical project to bring his fire lookout stories to life. As part of his next indie-folk record, this track will have you eager to hear the other stories he has.

‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’ brings the vastness of the wilderness to your ears through the opening. There is a foggy feeling to the opening that perfectly captures the start of the story. The guitar and clapping tones have you swaying to the folky tones of the track. Woven between them is a feeling of open wilderness that brings a strange sense of peace to your soul. Over all of this is a slightly haunting tone that wavers in the back of your brain bringing a sense of something hiding just out of sight.

As the melody fills you with the crisp air of Copton Ridge, the lyrics paint an intriguing tale of isolation, scary encounters and confronting that which we fear. Turner’s vocals are a soft caress against your ears that you can easily get hooked to. His lyricism shines with the storytelling vibe of folk of years past while effortlessly putting you in the moment of the track. This is a single that brings an odd simplicity to a vastness that sinks into you and calls to that primal part of your spirit.

Mountain Mansion takes you out of the urban sprawl and into the remote wilderness with the vast expanses and foggy fear of ‘Fog Walker of Copton Ridge’. With a melody that sends your senses flying over the vast mountains, the vocals draw you into a tale of remote cabins, fog walkers and the fear that comes with them. An amazing single that you can easily listen to on repeat, the track touches something deep inside with the rather epic tones.

Find out more about Mountain Mansion on his Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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