Zo – Never Meant (2021)

Zo are back after a two-year hiatus and are stating that they are back in the game with ‘Never Meant’. With an expressive and passionate performance, the band has you falling into their textured sound that is quite unlike anything you might be listening to. Detailing the meeting of the potential love of her life in a bar, the single dives into a mess of a relationship that you convince yourself is perfect.

This dive into the reminiscing of youthful relationships comes from a familiar face to anyone who watches The Voice. Gina Zo fronts the band that consists of a mix of Philly musicians including Buddy Mazzenga, Joe McEnany, Andrew Amado and Tyler Detulleo. Since parting ways with The Voice, Zo released two albums on her own before joining up with the rest of the band for a blast of sound.

The guitar line that opens ‘Never Meant’ hooks its talons into your brain and pulls you effortlessly into the track. There is a slightly dark feeling to the opening melody that turns into a really engaging rock flow. You can’t help but sway to the bass as it thrums through your chest. Each instrument clearly brings its own edge to the track while coming together for a movement that is undeniable. Later in the track, there are higher tones that tap against your senses before flowing in a rise of strings that brings a bittersweet feeling to the track. It is a really amazing melody that you can’t help but vibe to.

As the melody pulls you into the single, Zo’s vocals lead you into the story of the track. The lyrics have a storytelling flow to them that weaves around the emotions of the single. Through the lyrics, you can easily see the past play out in your mind as you head to the bar and meet the person you think is the love of your life. There is a delightful rock scratch in the undertones of the vocals performance that soars with power. Zo’s vocal performance is as engaging as the melody and has you eager to hear more.

Zo is making a statement with the infectious tones and relatable lyrics of their single ‘Never Meant’. The melody catches you in a web of rock flows before thrumming through your senses. Gina Zo’s vocals top everything off with a powerful performance that allows the storytelling lyrics to shine while diving into the emotional depths of the track.

Find out more about Zo on their website, Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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