Blackshape – III and V (2020)

The instrumental post-mathcore band Blackshape wants listeners to experience songs without the influence of a narrative. This began with their debut single ‘III’ and continues with their latest release ‘V’. Both singles are packed with dynamic musical shifts and countering themes from chaos and beauty to tension and freedom.

Scott Shepard (guitar), Josh Dunn (bass), Perry Burton (drums) and Joseph Woit (guitar) have known each other for years. They always knew they wanted to play some heavier music and Blackshape was born from this. Melding their creative influences, they create soundscapes that are both epic and focussed.

‘III’ hits you with a wall of frenetic energy from the first second. There are crashing guitars and pounding drums that hit against you. However, this pounding energy gives way to a light tone. While this happens, the pounding drums remain giving you a sense that a turn back to the frenetic is always possible. Through the movement of the music, you are filled with a sense of wonder tempered by a relentless tension. It is an interesting sonic journey that you need to take the time to listen to and appreciate.

While ‘V’ hits you with a wall of sound as well, there is a building tension to the opening. It is like the initial rise on a rollercoaster before the first big drop. The drop comes with a faster tempo that creates a sense of freefall. There is a constant rise and fall to the melody offering you a sense of relief only to be drawn back into a building tension. It is a sonic picture of ease and chaos that you can easily get lost in.

Blackshape takes you on two roller coaster rides through their instrumental singles ‘III’ and ‘V’. Both songs have an interplay between freedom and tension that is easy to fall into and get lost in. Each element of the melody adds texture to the soundscape and draws you into your own tale of the emotions.

Find out more about Blackshape on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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