Circus Wolves – This Is Something You Can’t Replace (2020)

Are you looking for a soundtrack full of emotion and frenetic energy? This Is Something You Can’t Replace, the latest EP by Circus Wolves, might just be what you are looking for. Touching on alternative realities, love and loss, the band melds modernity with their northern heritage for a brooding melodic rock soundscape.

Guy Wynn Davies (vocals), Cameron Tetlow (drums), Ben Dodson (bass), Jack Taylor (guitar) and Jim Ker (guitar) came together in 2013 to form the band while at university. Drawing on a range of influences, they have carefully crafted and moulded a sound that saw them sharing the stage with many breakthrough acts. While drawing on these influences, they have created something unique.

‘Intro’ opens the EP with an enticing opening line. The notes creep up on you and slowly lead you down the path of the melody. The shuffling beats meld with the guitars for a gentle opening that smoothly moves into a heavier sound. The track sets the tone of the EP and gives you a taste of what is to come. You get a dash of melodic rock mixed with heavy vocals and driving guitars.

‘Hunt You Down’ takes off running and fills you with frantic energy from the first note. The melody has this pace that gets your heart pumping while the drums pound through your head. Davies’ vocals add an almost soaring layer to the song while maintaining the energy of the melody. Woven into this energy is a thread of pleading that comes through on the vocals. The lyrics are also really interesting and swing between love and obsession.

The rolling opening of ‘The Taste’ leads to these great guitar lines that you can’t help but enjoy. There is a different vibe to this song as the energy has an almost playful edge. The melody pumps you full of energy, but it is not the frenetic kind from the last song. The lyrics are worth a listen to as they are an interesting journey and counter to the vibe of the melody.

‘Clarity’ hits you with a great guitar line from the first second with these pulsing drums below that build up in energy. There is something about this melody that just sneaks into your chest and pulls you along to the beat. Davies’ vocals are a dark layer hovering over the music that is wonderful to hear. The interplay between the guitars before the burst of vocals is a lot of fun to listen to. They also draw you further into the soundscape until you are completely lost in the music.

The EP ends with ‘Pulling Teeth’ which uses a flowing opening with these great drums to pull you in. There is a darker vibe to the track with the slower opening that flows across your senses. There are a lot of layers to the melody that form the perfect foundation for Davies’ atmospheric performance. There is a more melodic and hazy flow to his vocals that gives you a chance to slow down as you reach the end of the paced EP. When the melody does pick up, it does not have the frenetic energy of the EP, but there is a serious emotive hit.

Circus Wolves pumps you full of frenetic energy and emotions with their EP This Is Something You Can’t Replace. Each single has a distinct flavour and energy that makes the EP a wonderful sonic journey. Each element within the melody and vocals complement each other for a truly pleasurable listening experience.

Find out more about Circus Wolves on their website, Twitter and Spotify.

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