Blair Jollands – Do You Know? (2020)

Travelling the world from Timbuktu to Te Awamutu, Katmandu to Kyiv and NYC to London, New Zealand native Blair Jollands has seen a lot and shared his music globally. In addition to collaborating with Grace Jones, Rhianna, Madonna and Gordon Raphael of The Strokes, Jollands has contributed to Emmy and Golden Globe-nominated Alien vs Predator, Pride and Shackleton. Described as “the bastard son of Jim Morrison and Desi Arnaz” by Boy George, Jollands has a melancholic, introspective and engaging sound. The latest release by this critically acclaimed artist is the single ‘Do You Know?’

The follow-up to his well-received single ‘Atoms’, ‘Do You Know?’ is a more upbeat swirl of sound. Showcasing his versatility as an artist, ‘Do You Know?’ is a culmination of different styles and sounds in a pretty package. Just over three minutes in length, Jollands takes you on a rollercoaster fusing indie-rock with alternative pop. Vocally reminiscent of David Bowie with a strong influence from The Who, the single is powerful with a cinematic soundscape.

While ‘Do You Know?’ could fit nicely alongside contemporary alternative rock/alternative pop tracks, it shows a leaning toward the 1970s in melody and lyricism. Dynamic instrumentation with powerful guitars, pounding drums and a steady bass illustrate the influence of The Who; however, the profoundness of the lyrics are a true throwback to the days of Jim Morrison and David Byron.

Touching on elements of self-awareness and our contribution to a collective society, ‘Do You Know?’ is insightful, reflective and perceptive. The accompaniment of Jollands’ unique vocals adds a certain nostalgia to the penetrating single making it seem laidback. Yet, while ‘Do You Know?’ creates a charming ambience, it is the obscurity that makes this track truly enchanting. Seamlessly stitching together moving lyrics and melody, ‘Do You Know?’ is a golden thread woven into a blanket of silver touching your soul and ensnaring your senses.

For more from Blair Jollands check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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