Freddy Hall – That Was Then (2020)

The pandemic has affected everyone, but it has touched the lives of some people more than others. Freddy Hall considers how his life has been altered by the pandemic in his single ‘That Was Then’. This deep meditation on the subject not only reflects on what has changed, but also looks for some much-needed optimism. Through his music, he places all his bets on hope and draws listeners into this.

This single continues Hall’s look at the human condition. Over the years, he has addressed important topics with a thread of optimism for a wonderfully balanced approach. While this single uses his personal experience of the pandemic as a base, it is easy to relate to because of the global impact of the pandemic.

The light guitar line in the opening of ‘That Was Then’ sets the meditative tone of the single. The flow of this guitar line is very soothing and puts you at ease. This allows the vocals to softly flow over you. As the melody lets you breathe easily, it also offers a positive vibe through the higher notes. While a relatively simple melody, there are threads that lightly come in and weave into a solid backing for the vocals.

Hall’s vocals continue the laidback feeling of the melody. His performance has a smooth and soft feeling that washes over you. While pulling you into a reflection on how life has changed, the lyrics inject a sense of hope for the future. Through his performance, you feel a sense of connection with Hall and others who have been affected by the pandemic.

Freddy Hall pulls you into a deep meditation on life with the reflective and soft single ‘That Was Then’. The light melody sets you afloat on a sea of softness while his vocals are a warm blanket draped over you. As you are drawn into his reflection on the pandemic, he also fills you with a sense of hope and connection.

Find out more about Freddy Hall on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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