Oh Little Ghost – Devil (2020)

Oh Little Ghost is exploring the dark realms with their latest single ‘Devil’. The brooding soundscape continues the atmospheric and immersive sound the band is becoming known for. With delicate notes, moody cellos and a dramatic finale, the single captures a world of twilight and creeping darkness.

This brooding introspective comes from Kit Narey (vocals) and Nathan Hilton (guitar). The single is the second off their upcoming debut album White Lilies recorded with Jim Hewins (bass), Felipe Arevalo (drums, percussion) and Rhian Porter (cello). It is also accompanied by a moving music video set in a gothic hotel with a guest appearance by Swedish pop artist Johan Palm.

‘Devil’ sets the broody tones from the first moment. The dark yet delicate guitar line has a spectral energy in the opening. As it gains traction, there is an almost ominous vibe to the guitar line. The cello rises from the depths of the melody to create a haunting swell that bolsters the brooding feeling of the song. There is an interesting rise and fall to the melody that builds the dark energy before dipping to something moodier before picking up again. The beats that come in and meld with the cello build-up for the dramatic finale.

Narey’s vocals are otherworldly as they ghost over the melody. There is something almost translucent about her performance as if it is a spirit lurking around. Her performance makes the lyrics more potent as they send chills down your spine. However, when the melody dips her vocals turn to a colder atmospheric vibe like a nip of cold air.

The black and white music video adds to the spectral vibes of the single. The gothic hotel setting is perfect as Narey sits on a bed and sings. The spectre of the single goes through the motions around her. Directed by filmmaker Anna Bo, it has a heady vibe that perfectly encapsulates all the darker energies of the track while using a relatively simple visual. The simplicity does seem to enhance the feeling of the single.

Oh Little Ghost draws you into a broody soundscape for a trip through the dark realms in ‘Devil’. The single combines otherworldly vocals with a swelling cello and broody guitars for a dark atmospheric soundscape. The accompanying music video perfectly captures the essence of the single using gothic settings, black and white tones and powerful simplicity.

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