Family Time – Das Risiko (2022)

Family Time had us bopping away to their sound as they unleashed a sardonic rant through ‘Butterfly Season’. The family duo is now unleashing their first ever single in German, ‘Das Risiko’, which scowls and howls at listeners. Packed with compositional dexterity, the howling and burning of the verses give way to a tender caress on the chorus.

Through all of this, the lyrics move through tension, delusions, sexual tension, brooding and much more. The single is accompanied by a music video directed by Kieran Behan, that was shot deep in the Berlin winter. This track is also a wonderful taster for the band’s album which you are likely to be jumping into after listening to the song.

‘Das Risiko’ grabs your attention with a rather eery opening that moves on to funky twang. The bass and drums get you bouncing to their rhythm as they waver through your muscles. It is almost impossible to stop your body from moving to their movement. A light zap of electronic-tinged notes brings a burst of colour over the funky movement. These light zaps gain a greater presence as the single progresses, filling the melody with a strange almost psychedelic wash of colours, images and delusions. It is a really dynamic melody that retains the funky vibe from the opening throughout while adding layers of new sounds. There is a touch of tension at times that has been perfectly woven into the moving and extremely funky movement.

As you are moving to the funky sounds of the melody, the vocals bring a slightly retro feeling to the track. While the lyrics are in German, there is something about the delivery that helps transcend any language barrier. By the time the chorus hits, you are going to be singing along whether you know the language or not. There is an easiness to the performance that lets the language slide into your brain and stick there for long after the song has ended. The smooth delivery takes a tense turn halfway through the track for a flow that gets your heart beating a little faster. This turn adds to the tension of the melody, while bringing the other emotions and atmospherics of the track to sonic glory.

Family Time has you getting down to the funky tones of ‘Das Risiko’ bringing a touch of tension to serious compositional dexterity. The melody twangs with funkiness from the start and has you getting down to the movement. The vocals have an infectious delivery that has you singing along, whether you know German or not.

Find out more about Family Time on their Instagram and Spotify.

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