Bloom 604 – Punk Breed (2021)

Bloom 604 brings the raucous energy of a moshpit to your ears while delving into a haunting narrative with ‘Punk Breed’. With high energy noise-rock, he swirls you into the abstract imagery of the single before hitting you with some unforgettable vocals. The single is quite different from the last two he has released taking a heavier turn and giving listeners another side of his album.

Multi-instrumentalist Jack Briscoe is the man behind the sound and draws on a range of influences. With a touch of intensity, passion and honesty, he brings a maelstrom of sound to listeners for them to get lost in. While a solo musical project, he has been joined by bassist Linden Poirier and drummer Josh Lauzé when performing live.

‘Punk Breed’ has a really engaging guitar line that slinks its way into your brain with serpentine precision. The electric lines that vibrate over it add a shivering energy to your veins before you are caught up in the vocals. There is an interesting almost call and response between the melody and the vocals. The crashing of the drums sends you flying into the guitar line which makes your muscles tense with the need to let all your energy burst free. There is a moment when the melody dips giving you a second to collect yourself before you are sent running into the whirlwind of instrumentation again.

Briscoe’s vocals pick up the energy of the melody and turn it into engaging punk calls. There is a punch to his vocal performance that is all punk and the need to jump around. As he calls out to you in the vocals, the guitars rise to meet him sending you ever higher on the currents of energy. While the vocals and melody are all punk and seeming aggression, the lyrics have a darker haunting story to tell. With the use of abstract imagery, you are drawn into an eternal place that you may or may not get out of.

Bloom 604 has you vibrating with energy looking for a jumping release while filling your brain with haunting abstract imagery in ‘Punk Breed’. Engaging electric melodics meet punching punk vocals for a high-energy soundscape that makes you want to jump around. The lyrics carry a darker story but only enhance the vibe of the single.

Find out more about Bloom 604 on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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