Detention – Good + Ready (2021)

Highly reminiscent of Paramore and Green Day with a hint of Simple Creatures, US-based group Detention is merging pop-punk with pop-rock for the youth of today. Blazing onto the scene in 2020 with their critically acclaimed hits ‘Thermo’ and ’56 Minutes’ (read our review here), the quartet proved they are not to be pigeon-holed. Winning the Tri-C High School Rock Off at Cleveland’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, performing at Whisky A Go Go and receiving constant support from radio stations only cemented this success. Yet, while they had already gained the attention of critics and fans across the globe, the youngsters ensure you don’t forget them by exploding onto 2021 with well-received singles. The latest single to their discography is ‘Good + Ready’.

Following the popular ‘Not To Go’ and ‘Dead Malls’, Detention release the frantic ‘Good + Ready’. Retaining their hard-hitting pop-punk style, ‘Good + Ready’ has the power of ‘Not To Go’ and ’56 Minutes’ but with a greater joviality. Adding an indie-rock bounce to their sound ala The Fratellis, the quartet have you jumping about to a genre-defying track. It is as if you are plunging face first into a tumultuous pool of water without any lifeboat.

Thrilling and completely relentless, Elliott Carter (vocals), Evan Cox (guitar), Fritz Dannemiller (bass) and Luke Konopka (drums) toss you about with their kaleidoscopic soundscape. What I find intriguing about ‘Good + Ready’ is the effortless transition in styles. Beginning with a heightened pop-punk sound, Detention captures your attention with dynamic guitars and pounding drums; however, there is an interspersed dip into traditional grunge. This showcases not only the bands versatility but their innovativeness and boundary-breaking edginess.

Penned as a response to dealing with frustrating situations, in this case being harassed by parents when you have to get up and go to school, ‘Good + Ready’ is the sonic representation of teenage stubbornness. The melody may provoke feelings of frustrated aggression but it is Carter’s vocals that make you feel her annoyance. Reminiscent of Hayley Williams and Gwen Stefani, Carter effortlessly executes witty lyricism in a gritty and cheeky way.

Despite their youth, they are only teenagers after all, ‘Good + Ready’ is sophisticated with a mature take on adolescence. In this latest single, the youngsters spin you around with a gut-grabbing wildness sending shivers down your spine. It’s utterly fantastic!

For more from Detention check out their official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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