Great Wave – Orange Juice (2021)

There are times when it feels like nothing will ever be good again and these impossible lows can affect all aspects of life. Fortunately, Great Wave is here to tell us that things will eventually get better. This important reminder is not only inspirational, it is moving, soulful and just what many of us need right now.

This uplifting single comes from Charles (vocals, guitar), Chelsea (piano), Andrew (drums, bass), Gerry (bass, drums) and Mark (guitar). Together, they have been making a name for themselves with a unique style of psychedelic pop that brings a touch of dream-pop to indie rock. Using tones that are relaxed and easy to connect with, they craft songs that capture the essence of what many people feel and help channel it into something better.

‘Orange Juice’ slowly builds around you like rising water that you can’t escape. Once you are covered with the opening line, the moving beats creep along your senses and get your head bopping to it. There is a really warm chilled vibe to the music that has you relaxing and feeling all the stress of the world lift off your shoulders. The guitars have a psychedelic edge to them that twangs through your ears and enhances the relaxed feeling. While there is a touch of paced movement that rolls through the soundscape, it only enhances the easy melody. Each layer of sound is like the warm rays of the sun soaking up your stress and unhappiness and turning it into something much better.

As you sink into the plush cushion of warm relaxation created by the melody, the vocals bring a dreaminess to the single. Charles’ vocals wash through you like a cool mist settling on your skin on a hot day. His performance has you closing your eyes and falling into a meditative state where you know everything will be better when you come out. You can’t really listen to this track and not feel at peace with the world at large. While relaxing, the band also offers a connection that lets you know you are not facing anything alone.

Great Wave sweeps through your senses with the warm and relaxing vibes of ‘Orange Juice’ that lift the stress and sadness from your soul. Through the gentle movement of the melody, you are lulled into relaxation which is enhanced by the dreamy vocals. The lyrics let you know that everything will be better in the future and that you are not facing anything alone.

Find out more about Great Wave on their Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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