Bob Gemmell – The Saint of Everything (2021)

Sometimes we just need to sit back and think about the times we are living through. Fortunately, Bob Gemmell is doing the meditation for us, through the fairy dust and flowers of ‘The Saint of Everything’. A more upbeat single than you might first suspect, the track balances weariness with hope, to perfectly sum up how all of us are feeling about life and the world in general.

Bringing some rustic Americana to a bubble of sparkling tones, Gemmell throws his musical sensibilities into a melting pot of sound. This fusion is rooted in the honky tonk music of his youth that moved with him into a phase of anarchic rock. While Gemmell has generally settled into the whiskey tones and twanging vibes of country-rock, there is always something new to hear in each of his releases.

‘The Saint of Everything’ twangs into life with a head-bopping tone that seems to instantly fill you with good vibes. The warbling steel tones reach out into the horizon, taking your senses with it. There is a warmth to this melody that makes you think of sunny days where you sit on the grass and watch the clouds move across the sky. The whiskey warmth of Americana sinks into your bones, while the guitars twang through your chest and straight into your heart. The easiness of the melody helps you relax into the contemplation of the lyrics. While the music has you easing into relaxed meditation, there is also a forward movement that keeps you going down the soundscape.

The Americana blend of the melody is picked up by Gemmell’s vocals. His voice has that country twang to it, but this is balanced with a soft acoustic rock smoothness. Through the lyrics, he considers the world and everything that has been happening. This is done through poetic metaphors and clear emotions. The weariness that comes from this contemplation could be overwhelming, but he tempers it with the full conviction of someone who is sure the future will be better. This is a wonderful feeling that has you hopeful for the future, while acknowledging that we have all been through some serious challenges.

Bob Gemmell brings the twang of Americana to a weary, yet hopeful, contemplation of the times we have lived through in ‘The Saint of Everything’. The music is infectious as it pulls you onto the grass to watch the clouds go by. His vocals bring a poetic consideration of the past to the knowledge that the future will be better.

Find out more about Bob Gemmell on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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