Chris Pidsley – Berryhead (2020)

Chris Pidsley. Where to begin. This UK born artist recently released his new song ‘Berryhead’ and it is an incredible ode to love. One we see very rarely these days.

According to Pidsley, the song was written after a trip he took to a place with the same name in Torquay. He “came across a bench on a cliff which was dedicated to an old couple because it was their favourite spot in the world. [He] took this inspiring story of a love that lasted and wrote a song about this couple [he’d] never met”. This dedication to lasting love and the picture he paints along with it, is a story that is both peaceful whilst also being thought provoking.

The song opens with the sounds of birds chirping. A sound that transports you to the scene of the inspiration. A bench overlooking the cliff, the birds chirping, the sea coming in and out and the wind whistling. The instrumentals have a way of existing next to, as well as behind the lyrics. Supporting them whilst also making a sound for themselves. I really enjoyed how instruments were added along the way to show the progression of the story and then the disappeared towards the end, leaving us with those same birds still singing happily.

Pidsley adds his layer of vocals to the song in a peaceful and calming tone. They create the storyline for this beautiful ode to love. He compares being in love to being at home. Safe and warm. Saying wherever he may go, he will never stray, he will always come back. I think that this song holds so many truths and a story that a lot of listeners can relate to on a deep level.

The lyrics and the instruments work together to deliver a truly incredible song. What attracts me the most, is the way the song can make you feel. It makes me feel happy, relating to my own life of a love worth fighting for and finding that love that you know will be everlasting. On the other hand, the song can also draw me to those emotions of love lost, the sadness you feel when someone you love leaves your life. A powerful and meaningful song written by an inspiring artist. If upcomer, Chris Pidsley, keeps producing songs with this much sensitivity and raw emotion, he is sure to find himself a dedicated and loyal following.

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