Christopher Charles Romero – King of Nothing (2021)

Christopher Charles Romero is a man who wears many hats and thankfully one of them is singer-songwriter. With the alternative rock tones of ‘King of Nothing’, Romero shows listeners why this veteran of the music scene is still someone to keep an eye on. With a splash of classic rock added to some harder and lighter tones, he has you fully engaged in his sound, from start to finish.

When he isn’t making addictive music, Romero tends to focus on his acting career, which has landed him in some cult classics, including Rob Zombie’s Halloween II. Drawing on skills gained as a writer, radio personality, multi-instrumentalist and director, Romero crafts songs that hook their talons into your brain and won’t be shifted. If you are looking to rock out to a mature soundscape, this is the track for you.

‘King of Nothing’ strums with a sombre feeling through the opening. There is a reflective and contemplative feeling to the opening lines of the melody that shimmer into a pulse of tones. The chorus is a push of rock tones that are rather addictive. You can hear the different rock styles converging through the melody and bursting out of the soundscape in all their glory. Each style is able to shine while coming together for a really addictive sound. The punch of the beats pulse through your chest, while the guitars rise up, only to ease and rub against your skin. The movement of the music is captivating and has you rocking out, while feeling the tendrils of darker thoughts sinking into you.

Romero’s vocals have a light growl to them as he opens up about the journey that led him to the moment of the track. The candid approach to the opening verse is refreshing and honest while perfectly matching the movement of the music. As the chorus hits, his voice rises through your senses to stand tall against the guitars. Through his performance, he connects with people who feel somewhat disillusioned with the world, while trying to be a better person. The past tries to hold him back, but the urge to be a better person prevails and soars on the rather epic melodic tones.

Christopher Charles Romero casts an epic rock spell over you as he battles to be a better person in the epic tones of ‘King of Nothing’. The melody fills you with the urge to rock out to his sound, while getting hopelessly addicted to the music. His vocals have a light growl that merges wonderfully with the journey of the lyrics.

Find out more about Christopher Charles Romero on his Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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