Bosola – Soil & Dust (2021)

While a new relationship can be joyful and exciting, there is also a level of uncertainty that comes with it. These conflicting emotions have been captured by Bosola in his single ‘Soil & Dust’. With upbeat tones and a nostalgic vibe, the single pulls you out of the drudgery of lockdown while contemplating all the feelings new relationships invoke.

This look at conflicting yet hopeful emotions comes from Tim Cox, the man behind the moniker. As the first single from his upcoming EP, it introduces listeners to his style and sound. With relatable lyrics and emotional hits, the song is a great single that showcases vulnerability, relatability and honesty.

The guitar opening of ‘Soil & Dust’ effortlessly pulls you into the single. The drums have a great bounce to them that smoothly moves into the upbeat vibes of the music. There is a real multifaceted feeling to the music as the layers of instrumentation form a solid whole. Some melodic elements bring the happiness and joy of a new relationship while others have a touch of uncertainty and anxiety. This is a wonderful sonic representation of how people feel while offering a masterful insight into what Cox has to offer. The arrangements are tight and smooth as you are put under his spell. There is a moment when everything drops before you are pulled up by the acoustic guitar for a delightful instrumental section.

As the music inundates your senses, Cox’s vocals have a tentative start. There is a heavy hit of insecurity in his performance at the start but this turns into a more energetic flow as the song progresses. The excitement of the relationship starts to take hold and this is wonderfully reflected in the vocal performance. As you move through these emotions, the lyrics portray all the thoughts and emotions people feel at the start of a relationship. The single is an amazing portrayal of emotions that lifts you from the darkness that many people have felt in the last year.

Bosola captures conflicting emotions and turns them into the energetic and engaging single ‘Soil & Dust’. While the lyrics contemplate relationships and emotions, the music fills you with the contrast of joy and anxiety. There is a lot packed into the single but it has all been combined in a masterful and artful manner.

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