Jacob Shipley – One Day In Brooklyn (2021)

With the intensity of Leonard Cohen and the intimacy of Joni Mitchell, US-based Jacob Shipley brings folk music into the 21st century. Entering the music world with his well-received debut EP Where Did You Come From, Shipley has gained a reputation for emotive lyrics atop moving melodies. In his own quiet way, this singer-songwriter has a way of creeping into your soul and rattling about in your brain…but in a good way. Featured on Ear To The Ground Music, Indie Band Guru and Off Stage Tunes, Shipley is reaching an international audience with charming elegance. The latest addition to his critically acclaimed discography is ‘One Day In Brooklyn’.

Penned several years ago after Donald Trump was elected as the President, Shipley was fearful of the consequences of this decision. He feared the introduction of “fake news”, societal divisions, the power of Twitter and so on. Yet, while Shipley was feeling nervous about the next few years, he did not let it get him down – as is seen in the single ‘One Day In Brooklyn’. We might call the tune slightly controversial as he touches on the grittier elements of the Trump Regime, but there is a hopefulness underlying the powerful lyricism.

While the lyricism is poignant, it is the execution of the song that truly grabs me. An acoustic-inspired single, Shipley makes his mark in quite a simplistic way. A piano-driven track, although the incorporation of his guitar is notable, ‘One Day In Brooklyn’ is rather charming. The harmonic flow between Shipley’s rich vocals and dynamic instrumentation adds a soothing flow to the rather provocative content. Moreover, the crescendos to infectious riffs and catchy choruses emphasise its anthemic nature.

What I find intriguing about Jacob Shipley is how his music has a mature sophistication alongside a childlike innocence. ‘One Day In Brooklyn’ has an introspective reflection on living life “one day at a time” and making a stand to find that light at the end of the tunnel. In my opinion, this handsome lad is the future of folk music.

In addition to the single, Shipley released a music video of him performing an acoustic version of ‘One Day In Brooklyn’. It can be viewed below:

For more from Jacob Shipley check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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