Box Time – Another Excuse (2020)

Box Time is a four-piece from London ready to capture you with their relentless rhythm. The band came together in 2018, but members John Chamberlain (vocals, guitar), Barny Skinner (backing vocals, guitar), Paddy Chamberlain (bass) and Ryan Peek (drums) all knew each other and had played together in the past. In a matter of weeks, they were tweaking their sound from acoustic bedroom to fast-paced rock.

Their latest single ‘Another Excuse’ has more energy and grunge than their previous releases. While the track draws on the frustration felt in the UK, it is about living submissively and being part of the system. The track gets you to release your inner frustrations and go against the grain to be happy in a monotonous world.

‘Box Time’ opens with 60s style guitars that hook you and drag you into the track. The catchy guitar throws you into the equally catchy vocals. The melody of the track is full of aggressive rhythms that make you want to move around to the beat. The guitar use is great and adds something to the foundation of the song.

John Chamberlain’s vocals are a smooth accompaniment to the music. His performance is flawless and emotive as he vents the frustration laced in the lyrics. While the lyrics are full of pent-up frustration, they also leave you feeling hopeful that you can change things in your own life.

Box Time is relentless in voicing frustration through aggressive rhythms and emotive vocals in ‘Another Excuse’. The track is catchy with 60s style guitars and captivating vocal hooks. The lyrics speak to anyone frustrated with the current situation in the world.

Find out more about Box Time on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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