Boy of Davison – Deals with Death (2021)

Boy of Davison is paying tribute to his lost family members with his EP Deals with Death. Through the three tracks of the EP, he works through dealing with death as an agnostic. Each track takes on a different step of a grief-filled journey from loss to making peace with death.

This journey through the grieving process comes to you from Lewis George, the sole member of this musical project. The project came about after the experience of his last two bands falling apart in a rather dramatic fashion. Deciding to record on his own, he is tapping into what it is to be human for his most personal and raw release yet.

The EP opens with ‘Between the Notes’ which is a tribute to George’s late grandfather. The acoustic guitar that opens the track has a very laid-back feeling to it. When the vocals enter, you are drawn into a strange feeling of connection and mourning. Through the lyrics, you feel the loss of someone close to you and the sense of detachment that often comes. Through the movement of the music, the song is a wonderful tribute to the softness of connections while acknowledging the depths of loss.

‘Basic Human Needs’ takes a rock turn compared to the opening track. With this turn, there is also a larger hit of depression to the music. The lyrics consider avoiding your own birthday because of the grief and depression that feels like it is smothering you. Through the lyrics, George connects with the feeling of floating through life and just wanting to shut everything out. The folk-rock tones of the music creep into your brain and get you hooked to the sound while you connect with the lyrics and emotions of the vocal performance.

The EP comes to a peaceful conclusion with ‘To the Earth’ which has a slight edge of gothic darkness to the opening. The strings in the depths of the melody bring a mournful feeling to the music while the acoustic guitar has a slightly lighter feeling. There is a great use of poetic imagery in the single that helps you find peace in death and complete the grieving process. George’s vocals are almost whispery against your ears as he holds your hand through the final moments of the journey of accepting that someone is gone.

Boy of Davison works through loss, depression, grief and peaceful understanding in his EP Deals with Death. Each track is another step in a mournful journey that starts with the loss of a loved one and ends with a sense of peace. While a short EP, it effectively captures the different phases you work through while paying tribute to those we have lost.

Find out more about Boy of Davison on his Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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