BREGN – Dreaming (2022)

Embracing his love for music at an early age, singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jonas Mikkelsen has been composing music since his teenage years. In 2018, the Danish artist started performing under the pseudonym BREGN. In 2020, BREGN released his well-received debut track ‘Be Fine’ sharing a fresh take on contemporary folk music. Since then, he continues to receive critical acclaim from notable blogs like Rising Artists Blog, A&R Factory, Indie Music Center and We Love That. The latest addition to his growing discography is the single ‘Dreaming’.

Lying somewhere between the Beatles, The Violent Femmes and Mumford and Sons, BREGN adds a pop edginess to old-school folk melodies. Following his well-received single ‘Wind’, BREGN opens 2022 with his track ‘Dreaming’. Adopting an acoustic-based base, he retains the unique, obscure ambient foundation underlying a contemporary folk-inspired tune. The melodic arrangement creates a hazy ambience with cathartic guitars and interspersed synths/keys. Tipping you into a kaleidoscopic whirlpool of sound, BREGN takes you on a psychedelic journey with ‘Dreaming’.

In line with the ethereal vibe of ‘Dreaming’, BREGN showcases his depth as an artist using the melody to effectively portray the message of the song. He shares that ‘Dreaming’ “…is partly about nightmares but with a focus on the allusive goal of dreaming instead of ‘nightmareing’”. Touching on elements of nostalgia, sentimentality and fragility, BREGN explores the human soul in its complex state. Yet, while there is a vulnerability, it holds a sense of empowerment or fearlessness when looking at the “darkest sides of our psyches”.

For more from BREGN check out his official website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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