Miami Snow – Let’s All Pretend (2021)

Miami Snow got us interested in their sound with ‘Electric Charge’. The duo is now looking to solidify their place in our brains with ‘Let’s All Pretend’. Continuing their consideration of modern societies obsession with social media, this single looks at the idea of acceptance in the modern world. Through the single, they touch on the virtual version of ourselves that we showcase online and the merry roundabout that is social media.

While this is not a new topic for music, the layered approach the duo takes is rather novel. Combining art and music, they pair synth with droning guitars to achieve an amazing effect. While only the band’s second offering, the two tracks are more than enough to get you rather addicted to their unique tones.

The droning guitar in the low levels of ‘Let’s All Pretend’ is the first thing to grab your attention when the song starts. This guitar brings an almost industrial feeling to the melody while offering the sensation of the world feeling the same all the time. This is wonderful when paired with the vocals. While this droning is happening in the lower levels, the higher levels are packed with synth bringing a retro vibe to the track. There is a really interesting interplay between the different layers of music that bring the message of the track to sonic life.

The vocals add to the retro feeling of the music as it hovers over the melody with a slight haziness. There is a sense of detachment between the vocals and melody that brings the emotions and message of the track home. On the chorus, there is a pleading feeling to the vocals as they start to soar. With this pleading, the duo also shakes the cobwebs from your brain and pulls you out of the spiral that is social media. There are a lot of relatable anecdotes in the lyrics that are a lot of fun to hear and connect with.

Miami Snow bring a wash of retro tones while considering the droning roundabout that is social media in ‘Let’s All Pretend’. The layering of the melody brings the layers of social media and the search for virtual acceptance to sonic life. The vocals bring a plea on the chorus while hitting out with relatable tales.

Find out more about Miami Snow on their Facebook, Twitter and Spotify.

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