Georgia & The Vintage Youth – Overthinker (2020)

Born in London, England, but truly an Essex girl, Georgia Crandon is a talented and tenacious soul meets jazz musician. A self-taught artist, Crandon taught herself to play the piano, write songs and sing at the age of ten – talk about being a young songstress. What really began her music career was performing at the international contest Teenstar when she was 15. Since then, she built the group Georgia and the Vintage Youth, received coverage from BBC Radio 2, and worked with iconic industry professionals Dave Swift (Jools Holland) and Mo Pleasure (Earth, Wind & Fire). The latest addition to her repertoire is ‘Overthinker’.

Released as part of Georgia’s new EP Overthinker, the single ‘Overthinker’ is pop perfection with a slathering of 21st Century soul. Discussing the life of a modern 20-something, Georgia looks at issues of mundanity, disappointment, insecurity and the frustrating anxiety that comes with adulthood. Penned over a year ago when working in a pub and wondering “at what point life begins”, ‘Overthinker’ was Georgia’s sombre expression of living in monotony; however, the relevance of ‘Overthinker’ has hit with people living in a state of repetition throughout the pandemic.

Lyrically, ‘Overthinker’ is a poignant song, but the energetic bluesy sound makes it upbeat, fun and positively enthralling. When speaking about the song, Georgia said “I love the energy of the band with this track. Each chorus gets bigger, by the end there’s horn lines and clashing guitar riffs which I feel demonstrates the chaos of my over-thinking brain.” Yet, it is not only the instrumentation that makes the track enjoyable, but Georgia’s bold vocals enhance the zest and insatiability of ‘Overthinker’. Overall, Georgie & The Vintage Youth might be reminiscent of Pixie Lott and Florence Welch, but this beguiling group will soon be standing side-by-side with these established sirens.

For more from Georgia & The Vintage Youth check out their Spotify.

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