Brett Copeland – Your Paradise (2020)

Brett Copeland is a singer-songwriter who started his musical journey in the church choir at 8 years old. His first release was in 2019 and was met with critical acclaim. He is back with his latest track ‘Your Paradise’.

The song is a story of a young man who suffered harrowing experiences while incarcerated. Upon his release, he is suddenly thrust into its antithesis, the decadent spoils of the LA music scene. The track is rife with extreme trials, tribulations and ultimately redemption. This is a scenario that Copeland is familiar with and that is clear in the single.

‘Your Paradise’ hooks you with an electrifying opening full of light tones and driving beats. The melody of this track is infectious and will get you into the mood of the song. The light tones transform into a real indie-rock blast that is lively and entertaining.

While the melody is a blast to listen to, it is Copeland’s vocals that really grab you and don’t let go until the song ends. His vocals are full of charisma and easy to listen to. He draws you into the lyrics, which have a cryptic not to them, and get you singing along to the chorus, which is entirely too catchy.

Brett Copeland uses his charming vocals and an electrifying melody to create a magnetic journey in ‘Your Paradise’. This song has a decadent sound with a pumping guitar-driven melody that holds you tight for the entire duration of the track. Once you listen to this track, you will want to hear it again and again. It is definitely a song you can have on repeat.

Find out more about Brett Copeland on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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