Meeking – Hello Mind (2020)

It has been three years since Meeking released their debut album, but they are back with a hot new release. The band consists of Jake Meeking, Glenn Hampson and Daniel Longmire. Their new EP Hello Mind takes a step back in time to when it all began.

The EP harks back to the original musical partnership born 15 years ago. The four songs on the EP are full of dirty riffs and solid rhythm sections. If you enjoyed their past work, the fresh injection of passion and reignition of drive are a pleasure to hear.

The first track on the EP is ‘Make You Scream’ that starts with a vibrating guitar followed by a solid rhythm. The vocals on this track come at you slowly, but drag you into the beat. The chorus of the song is very catchy and you may find yourself singing along to it. This track is a great opening to the EP and makes you want to listen to the rest.

‘Hello Mind’ is the title track and opens with some lighter guitar notes. The tone of this track is a bit more laid-back compared to the first. There is something about the vocals on this song that are just easy to listen to. There are some great guitar moments on the track that break it up in a pleasant way.

‘Young Man’ has a faster opening that leads to a slower vocal performance. This track picks up and slows down in an interesting way. The use of vocals and drums alone in certain sections showcases what the band is able to do. This song is perhaps my favourite of the EP because it has an interesting interplay to it.

The last track is ‘Live A Life’ that has an epic feel to it. There is something expansive to this song that makes it a great ending to a fun EP. At times the vocals and lyrics are sombre but they turn into something anthemic. There is an almost motivational undertone to this track hiding in the lyrics.

Meeking goes back to where it all began with their new EP Hello Mind. The EP is full of solid rhythms, captivating lyrics and passionate guitars. While the songs go back to the basics of the band, they still have a modern edge to them that is refreshing.

Find out more about Meeking on their Facebook, Instagram and Spotify.

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