Ollie Wade – Hero (2020)

Ollie Wade is a young singer-songwriter from Winchester. He started his musical journey by uploading vlogs and covers to YouTube to an ever-growing fanbase. His debut single was released in 2015 followed by an EP. He is continuing to inject his fresh and original sound into the music scene with his latest release ‘Hero’.

The song is a personal one and was written as a plea by Wade to his father to let him in and to know that it is alright to not be fine. Many of us rely on our parents to be there for us and help fix any problems without considering the issue they face. The goal of the song is to encourage listeners to reach out and offer support to parents, particularly fathers who are less likely to share their problems.

‘Hero’ wastes no time getting you into the track. It opens with Wade’s gentle vocals against an acoustic guitar. The vocals draw you in because you can hear the emotion in every word. There is a beautiful desperation to the performance that drives the lyrics into your heart. The lyrics are full of concern and build a picture of the man who inspired the song.

While the vocals and lyrics are what captivate you, they are perfectly accompanied by a gentle folk melody. The light melody floats through the background while you focus on the message of the track.

Ollie Wade tugs at your emotions with the beautifully desperate but uplifting ‘Hero’. The song is full of frustration mixed with realisations and concern.

Find out more about Ollie Wade on his website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Spotify.

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